1. weareafterromeo:

    Nashville you were perfect/amazing/insane/unbelievable . Thank you again. Can’t wait to come back


  2. daydreamerxx:

    #Blake English #After Romeo #blake


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  4. weareafterromeo:

    Thank you Nashville school of performing arts and Glen Cliff high school for letting us perform at your schools! We want to see all of you at the Opry mills mall this Saturday at 3 PM! Ahhh we are so excited to perform in the music city, NASHVILLE! ❤️




  7. nickijjai:

    The only fucking thing I am looking forward two in the next two weeks is knowing I get to FINALLY meet Jayk Purdy and Drew Ryan Scott. (Originally from Varsity Fanclub, now apart of After Romeo)
    Of course I’m excited to see Blake, TC, and Devin, but I’ve waited for around 3 years to meet Drew & Jayk.


  8. carelle0mfg:

    Dedication to T.C Carter 😍 weareafterromeo


  9. This awesome drawing of Jayk by @ohheyitsyaya


  10. This awesome drawing of TC by @ohheyitsyaya